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Top Five New Year Celebration Ideas

Best New Year Celebration ideas

New Year Celebration ideas

New Year is an indication of motivation, happiness and hope. It’s a time to celebrate the events at their fullest to find the happiness in New Year 2013. It is celebrated all over the world by everyone on 31st December to wave off the current year and welcome the New Year. Leaving behind all despair, frustration and grievances. In general there are few things which commonly celebrated everywhere including drinking, gaming, dancing, partying, and festive and vents. As it’s a publically announced holiday which allows people to organize the events at home get together, entertainment, dinners, set up costumes themes, invites to guests, decorating restaurants, cafes, dubs, pubs, beaches and malls for general public. It depends from people to people how they choose to celebrate the New Year in their own style and budget which could in turn bring contentment to them.

1: Party At Home: How to Celebrate “New Year” At Home

This creative idea is exclusively dedicated to those people who want to celebrate this occasion at their sweet lovely homes by spending time with their beloved family members and friends. Whereas, outdoor celebrations has their own essence to rejoice the occasion while the indoor New Year celebrations can be worthy as well.

a) Decorating your home:

It requires you to choose a specific room for decorations, ceiling/door/wall decoration you can shop for star stir sticks, decorate the bubbly bottle, making vanilla/strawberry cocktails, slush, fruit punch, wine, gaming in form of countdown toasts, decorate kid’s customized glasses with milk and juices, lighting candles with dimmed lights will create festive mood for the Eve.

b) Setting up the theme :

Decorations also depend upon the “tone” you set up for the evening party them allows you to make arrangements accordingly. It can be a Color theme, Rock star theme, Cinderella theme, Costume theme, Hollywood theme, Vampire theme, 60s theme, 21st century theme, Disco theme or you can set up your newly created theme for the upcoming year 2013. Entertain your guest by playing the best rocking playlist that twist every ones mood optimistically.

c) Organize a one dish party

Instead to stuck yourself behind a stove for cooking meals for friends and family. Ask your friends to bring in the homemade meals or snacks / desserts/cookies/cakes. In this way every one can taste the different recipes. Hiring a chef from the renowned restaurants or a nearby café and make the best arrangements of silver ware, table cloth, cooking ware by him is a good option.

d) Set up the home theater for Eve

Instead of spending much on recreational tours, one can rent HD LCD with an entertainment center and watch the live events on screen with cup of coffee, wine, roasted peanuts/ marshmallows or popcorn. Video games can be played on large screen well the cards can be played amongst each other.

e) Bone Fire At Yard

It’s the best way that your guest can speak about their new year resolution by writing down situations they would love to get rid off and burn them in fire. Set up the fire work in your yard or nearby garden. However, the roasted lamb, beef,turkey and fish can be enjoyed with red/white vine. Then the dinner is the most awaited time for everyone one when all can enjoy a course of meal with cocktails and drinks.

2: Sharing the Motivational or Love Quotes with People

It is a one common way to exchange your thoughts, gestures, and warm wishes amongst your friends and beloved. Online A way to touch the heart of your dearest ones, transformation of wishes and blessings upon your dear ones, its about remembering an old friend or an alert of joy and cheer to the close one. All this could be done with the exchange of New Year Poems, New Year Quotes, New Year Sms, New-year Mms, New Year Greeting Cards, and New Year Wishes.

3: Online Ways to Celebrate New Year

Because of the technological advancement there are many internationally available online sources that are providing the online services to the people sitting around the world just by joining the chat rooms. There are many online service providers working along with their volunteers and team in gauging people around the world on New Year occasion. The software allows you to participate in presentations, topic discussions, movie and songs, stories / poems and much more. However, New Year Calendar , New Year Horoscope, New Year Dresses can frequently be viewed.

4: Holiday Trips: Plan For Cruises

For the New Year break, you can decide to visit some of the exotic places around the world life your budget is limited and is a constraint in the execution of your trip then organizes a short trip to surprise your family and friends.  Most of the places popular to visit in new year  eve includes : Rome, Paris, Transylvanian, London,China, Vienna , Edinburgh , Coupon Hagen. Belgium, Wale, Brazil, Spain, Chile. Whereas the New York City is famous for the gathering around the Time square. Los Angeles famous for the tournament of Ross parade in their nearby Pasadena. Washington Dc has their old town Alexander as a recreational spot, the bars and pubs are glow with exclusive parties beyond the DC line. Baboon Street has its own spark to see in New Orleans with jazz rock music blowing in the air.

5: New Year Party with Friends:

The New Year party is extremely popular all around the world and celebrated with full bloom it allows you to thrill and hit the dance floor with smashing dazzling performances and couple dance. You can even bring your fine collection of New Year songs, can practice the singing on karaoke versions and add some more to the event.

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