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Prince William fires off paparazzi in angry letter for hounding Kate Middleton

Prince William went to a great extent to protect Kate Middleton from the constant media glare, right after they started seeing each other.

While Harry is in the news for responding to the British press over bullying Meghan Markle, he was not the only one to do so.

In 2005, William fired off the paparazzi for hounding Kate and actually stalking her around all day.

According to royal author Marcia Moody in her book Kate: A Biography, an incident in 2005 prompted William to fire off a legal letter against paparazzi harassment.

“In October, [Kate] was photographed on a bus while going for a job interview. It was argued that there was no difference being photographed on a bus, than from being photographed walking down the street or shopping with her mother, but the big difference this time was that Kate had been followed by the photographer all day,” Moody wrote.

“On instructions from William, who had discussed the matter with Kate and her father, a legal letter to newspaper editors was issued requesting that details of Kate’s private life remain private,” she added.

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