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Allison Stokke – The Amazing Female Athlete

Allison Stokke the Amazing Female Athlete

Allison Stokke the Amazing Female AthleteAllison Stoke is indeed, one of the most charming names in the newest female athletes of the world. Within no time, the popularity of Allison Stokke has reached to peaks and she is everywhere o the internet from fitness websites to hottest new chicks websites.

Impressive Start

It all started when her photo during a track meet was published on the internet at the age of 17. At that time, Allison Stokke had already made her impressive mark in the world of female athletes through her exceptional skills in pole-vaulting. Her good looks, fresh face, beautiful smile and athletic skills in pole-vaulting surely make Allison Stokke one of the most irresistible athletes who have beauty with brains.

Claim to Fame

Allison’s major career success began when at the age of 15; she won the California State Championship in pole-vaulting and broke previous records in pole-vaulting in her division. Then later on, Allison Stokke scored second and fourth best mark in nation calendar and CIF championship despite several serious injuries to her.  Today, Allison Stokke is a freshman and proud full scholarship holder student at University of California Berkeley and plays for her university.

A Price to Pay

It is said that with all the popularity there comes a price to pay and that has happened in the case of Allison Stokke too. At a very young age and even turning 18, Allison Stokke is rated has a sex symbol because of her charming looks and sex appeal. This has actually created a lot of discomfort and problems for the personal life of Allison Stokke where she is a completely different personality with high focus on her career yet due to media popularity and ratings as a sex symbol, the parents of this young athlete are very worried and also, her relationship with her boyfriend is at stake too.

No to Commercial Ventures

Allison Stokke has been continuously hunted by big brands and designers for different marketing campaigns but it has been reported that Allison Stokke keeps on putting them down especially recently, when she put down the marketing deal of Nike for being their face for the Nike Nationals as she believes it focuses more on her looks than her game and passion for pole-vaulting. Indeed, the irritation of Allison Stokke is right because it talks more about her sex appeal than her athletic skills.

But all in all, if we see the athletic skills of Allison Stokke then she is surely too impressive to be true especially at such a young age. The talents of Allison Stokke in pole-vaulting come to her naturally and truly speak about her bright future in international athletics.

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