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Demi Moore’s protectiveness prompted Tallulah Willis to become ‘vocally’ transparent

Demi Moore’s determination to keep her family private has made daughter Tallulah Willis “vocally” transparent.

The daughter of Demi and ex-husband Bruce Willis opened up about her upbringing in an Instagram Live chat with Story + Rain and reflected on the impact her mother has had on her.

My mom brought us up to be very private … to be very protective of our family, and I kind of interpreted that and swung the pendulum the other way and felt like that was very restrictive,” Tallulah mused.

She went on: “I know that the place she was coming from was really loving and caring and positive but I always felt like, ‘Well, I wanna be transparent’,” she said. So in a revolt against her mother’s restrictive outlook, Tallulah said she became “vocally” transparent.

“I felt like for a long time I would walk into a room and energetically apologise for being there and apologise for taking up space and apologise for existing,” she explained.

The 26-year-old shared that over the past years as she has focused on healing and my sobriety she has “been able to look at that a little more and own the energy that I take up in the world and stop apologising.”


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