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Celebrities celebrating the winter chill

Celebrities celebrating the winter chill

Nature-meets-fashion on dazzlingly beautiful people called celebrities, yes whatever the season is, they are always making attempts to harmonize with the spirit of season, whether it’s the nostalgic colors of autumn seem shining on their beautiful persona, or the icy effect of winter looking hot on them. Celebrities are always seen celebrating the spirit of the season to its fullest.

Here are some shining princesses of ours, who are rather looking hot and shining with these icy winter shades, dressing in the iciest of pastels, from mint green and sea foam blue to barely there pink!

Kate Bosworth in her Jil Sander icy look looks stunning and elegant; her snowy mint green skirt makes her look weather friendly while her vibrant pink lips whispers of celebration and festivity of the season.

Linda Evangelista chose to wear a light weight icy pink suit at Art Basel and looked superb in her chilly yet warm style.

Jennifer Lopez shows off her fashion flair by balancing a sea-foam green top with a festive sequined skirt, her icy top went incredibly well with her ultra hot shiny skirt.

Katy Brand looks hot yet icy in her soft grayish gown, simply looks perfect for the winter festivity.

Glamour yourself in the spirit of the snowy flakes and bring about a warm change in you with these celebrity trends.

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