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Rihanna from a cute girl-next-door to Fashion bomb!

Rihanna from a cute girl-next-door to Fashion bomb!

A cute girl from Barbados carrying plenty of talent, tried to make a name for herself but her cute look, good girl attitude and sense of style made Rihanna barely noticed, but who knew  that an incredible amount of size was ticking inside this girl like a fashion bomb.

In a few months Rihanna evolved into a huge style icon, a launcher for the latest fashion trends. She is now known for her incredible sense of styling while carrying along her femininity, individuality and powerful persona.

Rihanna is a multi-styled diva. She got million looks and knows how to surprise her fans by constantly changing her hair color, cut and style. She is a rocker girl by heart, who’s extremely fond of wearing spiky rock-chic casual outfits with a subtle air of style loaded femininity, which gives her a soft and stylishly feminine look.

Retro fashion style is making a whooping comeback in today’s fashion and Rihanna seems to work perfectly with this style. Tight outfits, ruffles, shoulder pads, and neon colors all blends magnificently with Rihanna’s personal fashion aesthetics making her stand out in the crowd. Short skirts, tie dye skinny pants and platform high heels emphasize Rihanna’s gorgeous feminine forms.

Rihanna is an elegant personification of feminine allure with her red carpet looks. Long or short, classic or more sophisticated, Rihanna undoubtedly knows how to mould herself according to her outfit. As for everyday fashion flats, boots or funky sneakers, skinny jeans, leggings and cute t-shirts all are her all-time fashion favorites. Plus cute accessories give her outfits the extra spice they need to stand out and capture attention.

In addition to that, this classy diva never forgets the enchanting effect of accessories like oversized jewelry, spiky bracelets, oversized handbags, scarves and funky eyewear. All in all, Rihanna surely is a true muse and fashion icon of today’s world Rihanna can act as a great source of inspiration to every girl who wishes to develop a unique fashion style.


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