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Latest Celebrity Pregnancy Style to be Stylish in Pregnancy

Celebrity Pregnancy Style

When it comes to pregnancy many women copy the celebrity’s pregnancy style to look stylish. Pregnant women dearly wants to know their star’s pregnancy style. Celebrity fashion style and trends are widely followed even during pregnancy. Many pregnant women dress them according to pregnancy style adopted by celebrities. So let’s have a look what pregnancy style celebrities are adopting

1. Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Style

Kim Kardashian, a girl who rules the minds of millions and consider among those who comes up with new celebrity fashion style time to time, is expecting her first child with Kanye West in July. Kim, during her pregnancy has continued wearing dresses which she usually wear, body-hugging dresses. Most of these dresses have a hard-to-wear hemline that hits below the knee. Kim prefer to be tucked-in blouses and her all-time favorite super-high heels. But lately Kim is seen wearing maternity jeans and leggings too.

2. Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Style

Many argue that Kate Middleton possesses the world’s most famous baby bump. Kate Middleton adopted the Pregnancy style which includes,mostly pretty, flattering and simple silhouettes dresses, coats, hats and rather not bright colors.

3. Jessica Simpson:

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Style

Another celebrity who is pregnant and seems like creating her own pregnancy style is Jessica Simpson. She is seen wearing more streamlined and sleeker pregnancy fashions.

4. Peaches Geldof:

Peaches Geldof Pregnancy Style

It’s ever so important to look great regardless of what your body going through. Whatpregnancy style suits you is ever so important. Peaches Geldof seems to understand the demand of her body during pregnancy. She was seen in London, wearing Alberta Ferretti’s fringed frock. Most argue that her frock was most glamorous when it comes to pregnancy style.

5. Evan Rachel Wood:

Evan Rachel Wood Pregnant Style

Most women during pregnancy end up getting worried about bump. It becomes ever so difficult task to choose a dress. But Evan Rachel Wood shows how a simple and sleek pregnancy style could be as attracted as any glamorous one. She prefers to wear a smart halter neck with an empire waistline.

6. Fearne Cotton:

Fearne Cotton Pregnant

It comes to a personal choice to either go for stylish but rather uncomfortable pregnancy style or comfortable but little less stylish. Few women remain unsure and therefore they look for celebrity fashion style. Fearne Cotton is one celebrity whose pregnancy style has been one of the most stylish. For her looking great comes first rather than be a comfortable

7. Claire Danes:

Claire Danes Pregnancy Style

Many pregnant women prefer to keep their bump cozy. Claire Danes falls in category of such pregnant women .She is often seen inNYC dressed in a belted black coat and tan leather boots.

8. Naomi Watts:

Naomi Watts Pregnant Style

There are both kind of pregnant ladies, one which like to adopt a pregnancy style which highlight their bump and second, who like to wear something which could hide the bump. Naomi Watts has always felt good in wearing dresses which could highlight the bump. She always showed off her bump by cinching stylish belt over sweater or a dress.

9. Vera Farmiga:

Vera Farmiga Pregnant Style

She is one of those celebrities who go for monochrome dress during pregnancy. Lack of bright colors does look good sometimes if your personality is compatible with it.

10. Alyson Hannigan:

Alyson Hannigan Pregnant

Being pregnant does not mean that you deprive yourself from flashy, revealing and sexy clothes. It depends on one’s mood and occasion. In case you do want to wear, bit revealing clothes during pregnancy, follow Alyson Hannigan who shows how to look irresistibly hot while wearing revealing clothes.

11. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba Pregnancy Style

Pregnancy does not stop you from having a fun and attending parties. This is what Jessica Alba believes. During the Oscars she showed up wearing a high-waisted ethereal purple gown, and now she is wearing another Empire-waisted gown.

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