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Kim and Our Future Queen are Unlikely Style Sisters

Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton Style

They’re super-famous, became mums this summer and their names begin with a K — but you wouldn’t imagine the Duchess of Cambridge and U.S. reality TV star Kim Kardashian have much else in common Yet Kim, 33 — engaged to rapper Kanye West — has been copying Kate Middleton royal style, with varying success. Kim, who came to fame via a sex tape, simply lacks Kate’s class — with a capital K . . .Kim Kardashian and kate Middleton McQueen DressRed Alert: Kate’s the clear winner as they wear the same Alexander McQueen dressKim and Kate Mini DressLittle Belters: Kate’s plain jacket tones down her patterned mini DressKim and Kate Black DressBack to Black: Kim is pushing it a bit at the frontkim and Kate White GownThe Gown princess: Kate demonstrates true eleganceKim and Kate Matching FashionSign of the cross: Can Kim breathe in that?

Source: Daliymail

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