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Kim Kardashian Showed up Her Tonned Waist

Kim Kardashian stomach

If you’ve worked as hard as Kim Kardashian claims to have done for her sculpted waist, you’d want to show it off too And happily enough for the Reubenesque reality star, the world of fashion has decreed that wearing a crop top is really rather of the moment The 33-year-old stepped out in New York on Wednesday wearing a purple version of the often unflattering item paired with an olive green skirt and a mustard yellow coat.Kim Kardashian StyleAnd the whole outfit worked wonderfully But then it is a look that the mother-of-one has been honing (rather like her figure) for the past few weeks And crafty Kim, or her stylist, or Kanye has worked out that when paired with a pencil skirt, a crop top really flatters an hourglass figure Of course, it’s important not to flash too much of the midriff and Kim acquiesces when it comes to this area even though her cleavage is bidding for it’s own spinoff on E!Kim Kardashian Street FashionIt’s a clever little trick because the pencil covers up the stomach area (and dare we say it, maybe the Spanx?) The flesh that’s actually flashed is the upper waist and lower ribcage; this just happens to be the part of a body that loses weight first and gains weight last on a classic hourglass All this lends weight (every pun intended) to.Kim KardashianKim’s camp’s denial that she’s had no costly procedures to get rid of the baby pounds She’s clearly dressing cleverly, and that’s half the battle won Life & Style claim, however, that the mother-of-five month Nori has enlisted the help of a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Meanwhile, her baby dada.Kim Kardashian Short SkirtKanye West, 36, is said to have stipulated a no cosmetic surgery clause in the couple’s pre-nup He’s understandably wary of non necessary surgery after his mother Donda died aged just 58 of ‘multiple post-operative factors’


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