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Tips to Get Beautiful Skin Everyday

How to Get Beautiful Skin

Beauty Tips for SkinIf the skin of a forty year old is compared to a twenty year old, then there is a huge difference. The skin of twenty year old is glowing, beautiful and wrinkle free. Most women want to get beautiful skin and they think this is not possible.

Dermatologists have conducted a study which proves that a woman can make her skin glowing and beautiful forever if she feeds her skin with the right skin food. Following are the skin care tips to get beautiful skin that you want:

1. Gentle Cleansing Once A Day

If you have oily skin, then do not forget to do cleansing once a day to get beautiful skin. Oil from the skin accumulates on the surface of the skin and blocks the skin pores hence, preventing the air to enter the skin.

2. Sunscreen

The best way to save your complexion from ultra violet rays from the sun is to apply sun screen whenever you go out in the sun to get beautiful skin at the end of the day

3. Use Retinoid Cream Every Night

If you want your skin to be glowing and smooth as a pearl, then one of the skin care tips is to apply retinoid cream every night before you go to bed. Retinoid have vitamin A that improves the process of cell turnover.

4. Consume Lots Of Antioxidants

Fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants should not be consumed in a limited quantity but rather they should be taken in huge amount to get beautiful skin. It fights against the radicals that damage the skin.

5. Exercise

Exercise improves blood circulation and intake of oxygen so; exercising every day to get beautiful skin. It is important to note that blood circulation also improves the skin complexion.

6. Sleep Like A Baby

Beauty sleep of at least seven to eight hours gives you a beautiful skin. Women who are sleep deprived are more likely to look aged at a young age and also develop dark circles around their eyes.

7. Sip Green Tea

Green tea helps to heal skin because of its inflammatory nature so it is better to sip green tea once a day if you want to get beautiful skin.

8. Say No To Smoking

If you want to get beautiful skin then one of the skin care tips is to stay away from smoking and other pollutants. They contain certain substances that not only damage the skin but also give birth to other harmful diseases.

9. Avocadoes

Avocado is a fruit that is flooded with biotin. Researchers have proved that biotin helps the human system to prevent skin from getting dried out and also keeps the nails healthy.

10. Tomatoes

If you forgot to wear your sunscreen before going out in the sun then you will eventually suffer from sunburn. One of the skin care tips is to apply tomato paste combined with olive oil prevents sunburn if applied for ten weeks.

11. Eat Salmon

Salmon is not only a vital source of protein but also contains a substance called Astaxanthin that makes the skin beautiful, elastic and wrinkle free.

12. Beans and Walnuts

Walnuts contain omega 3 acids which make your hair look shiny and skin beautiful. Beans on the other hand, help to speed cell repair and regeneration process.

13. Eggs

Just like salmon, an egg is also a source of protein. It contains biotin and other skin friendly vitamin that protects the skin from bacteria and other skin diseases.

14. Pomegranates

Pomegranates also have antioxidant which is very good for skin and makes the skin beautiful and soft. It also improves the skin complexion because it helps the skin create collagen.

15. Avoid Tanning Booths

One of the skin care tips is to avoid skin tanning booths as it damage the upper layer of skin.

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