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Protecting Your Skin and Body


protecting_your_skin_bodyJust like we need a car in pouring rain and an igloo in North Pole, Skin is vital for our body. Skin is our protective barrier that saves us from everything and anything that appears to be a danger to our health and internal organs

What is the importance of Skin for us? Well the obvious and general answer is that it provides us with the essential cover that helps us survive the harsh environment around us.

No bacteria or virus can infect us until or unless there is a break in skin (epithelium) by a cut or any trauma, Skin protects us from the very dangerous ultra violet rays of sun that is the leading cause of skin cancers.

There is a great need to take the best care of our skin and body possible. Our body carries out all the essential functions needed so it should be our first priority to take care of it.

So what should we do for it?

Most importantly a good diet is an optimum requirement for a perfect skin and body, fresh vegetables and fruit juices constitute an ideal diet for healthy skin and body as they account for the required minerals and vitamins. A balanced diet with required amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is also very vital.

Firstly we should increase our water intake because it not only makes our skin fresh but also clears our body regularly of all the harmful elements .So always make sure that your water intake is more than 8 glasses daily .

Since our Skin is the organ that keeps us safe from dehydration, it should be moisturized at regular intervals to give it a healthy functional state .Body lotions come under different brand names and different varieties to suit different skin types. Use of suitable face washes and body washes is also advisable along with masks and scrubs.

A person should regularly consult a dermatologist on the first sign of any pigmentation or skin defect because there might be an underlying systemic disease. Skin products available in market should always be used with precaution because there is no guarantee that it will suit the sensitivity of your individual’s skin type.

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