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Get Glowing Soft Skin on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just about sexy lingerie and thong to make your man go crazy, if you’re planning for that special night of sizzle and romance on February 14, then focus on every inch of your body to make it ultra supple, soft and touchable

Here are some extremely easy-to-do steps to get your body in a perfect glowing condition before the big day arrives. All it needs is a couple of hours in the shower and you’ll be all soft and stunning and ready for your man!

The first step is brushing. Body brushing not only gets rid of dead skin cells but it also improves circulation and can amazingly boost the immune system. While standing under the hot shower, take a soft bristled body brush and use it in long sweeping motions across the skin towards the heart, you will also notice a fine white powder coming from the skin as you brush. This is the dead skin cells that have been making the skin look dull. Brush until the skin is smooth but stop before the skin gets sore. Plus it’s also a calorie burner! You can also continue it eve after the Valentine’s Day for an ideally beautiful body skin.

The next step is Exfoliation, which is a must to remove the layers of dead skin cells that have built up on the skin. You don’t have to come out of shower yet for exfoliation as it needs to be done in the shower as well. The exfoliator should be applied as you go, not to the entire body, so start with an arm or leg and gently massage in circular motions, always in the direction of the heart.

Keep adding water and more exfoliant until the area is smoother, be extra gentle on chest. Give attention must be given to feet, elbows and knees as these areas are drier. There are many body exfoliants available in the market. If your skin is ultra dry get the one with Shea butter content.

The next step is moisturizing. But wait, it’s still not the time to get out of shower, I know it sounds silly to moisture in the shower but it’s essential if you want quick results. There are loads of bath creams available in the market. My favorite is Elemis Bath Milk as it works amazingly to make the skin ultra soft and supple. Apply it on your damp body and massage yourself till it is all absorbed, then go back into the shower again for a while.

Well, it’s time to come out of the shower and come to the final step, which is after-bath-moisturizing. Coco or Shea butter is just great for after-bath-moisturizing, massage until it is all absorbed and feel an incredibly beautiful and soft skin. Plus, do prepare your nerves for a raunchy night as your man won’t be able to get his hands and mouth off your skin!

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