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Candy Coloured Eye makeup for Spring

Eye makeup for SpringGet the lowdown on the hottest eye makeup colours for this season and use our eye makeup tips to get it just right.

Bold bright eye makeup colors seem to be all the rage from the spring runway fashion shows and thank the lord for that! I think we’re all a bit tired of the bronze, dark brown and blackened eyes! Gone is the winter and along with it goes the dreary eye makeup look. Eye makeup tips for spring are, to be adventurous with eye makeup colors, bring out your eyes natural beauty and give yourself an eyes makeover with pretty, bold eye makeup colors.

Candy colored eyelids prevail for spring 2010 and it’s all about bold, strategic blasts of high pigment color worn on the eyes. For eyes natural beauty to come out, there are a variety of eye make up colors and shadow textures from which to choose for spring: matte, glitter, and metallic shimmer.The 80’s eye make up trend is in full effect and will surely give your eyes some pop with shades of purples, blues, greens and cotton candy eye makeup colors! Vibrant pinks, corals and teals applied in careful splashes could look wonderful. Don’t apply these eye makeup colors all over your eyes for the daytime, instead think inner and outer corners of the eyes!

My eye make tips to give yourself any eye makeover for the evening are to experiment with colored eyeliner winged upward and outward at the corners, or wear a wash of eye makeup color all over your lids. For spring, matte skin is in, but you’ll want to pair yours with sultry eyes to create a daring duo. Start playing with this season’s candy colored purple eye makeup colors. The look is smudged, not smokey and keep that pout moist-looking in neutral tones. Lilac on the lids and a pearly sheen at the temples gives the face a rosy glow and an air of innocence. Spruce up bold, spring eye makeup with a hint of natural bronzer on the apples of the cheeks too.

Issa’s spring 2010 eye make up was inspired by tropical storms and jungles with a dash of turquoise on the outer edges, and lots of mascara. I totally love green toned eye makeup colors and I think they look devastatingly beautiful for the evening. My eye makeup tips include using a shimmering emerald green eye makeup shade all over the eyes with nude toned lips and bronzed cheeks.

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