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Makeup Blusher Tricks

makeup blusher tricks

makeup blusher tricksMakeup blusher is important part of makeup that adds color and depth to face enhancing each of its features. A smooth sweep of makeup blusher applied correctly on cheeks high lights face beauty along concealing its flaws.

Applying makeup blusher on cheeks requires some careful makeup blusher tricks that once kept in mind would always be fruitful for your makeup session. So go on reading this simple makeup blusher tricks to help your beauty and style for party and casual day out.

Makeup blusher selection

First you need to get one or two makeup blushers that resemble your skin tone. Generally used makeup blushers are skin, pink and peach makeup blushers that are playful for every occasion; you can also get one cream blusher. The brush to apply makeup blusher is also specific one. Don’t go with stiff brush instead buy a round shaped soft hair blusher brush that gently applies makeup blusher on your cheeks.

Makeup blusher application tricks

Place a small amount of blush over brush and tap off excess. Apply it right on your cheek apple brushing smoothly towards cheek bone ending blusher at cheek hairline. In case of cream blusher, take a small dot of cream blusher, apply it same on cheek apple towards hairline. Blend it properly so it may not look messed up.

According to face cut

For fuller face, blush at outside of your face close to hairline and for high cheek bones focus in centre to accentuate face bones. Better have a wide smile before mirror to define cheek apple and then follow makeup blusher tricks to beautify them.

Color blends for makeup blusher

Pink, reddish, brown, golden and peach makeup blusher endow perfect look. But abstain from too much makeup blusher use over cheeks as it makes face clumsy and artificial, mild application of makeup blusher over cheeks makes them look naturally glow and radiant.

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