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Get a Romantic Makeup Look for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is considered as the most important day of the year for all love birds around the world. Every lady has some special to become the center of attraction for that someone special. Among other things, valentine’s makeup has its own importance as it gives a special romantic and sizzling look to a female. Here are some great tips regarding valentine’s makeup which will make you the dream lady of your love. One thing to keep in mind before getting ready for this special day is that you should know whether you want to get ready for a formal date or an informal get together with your fellows and friends. Also, choose your best perfume to wear on this special time.

1. Foundation for your skin tone

Avoid heavy foundation. First apply face primer which will hold your valentine’s makeup for a longer time. Go for mineral powder foundation which will give you a softer look. Do not go for a fairer foundation than your skin tone.

2. Eye makeup

If you are having your first formal date, then go for soft romantic eye shadows. Pink is considered best for such a look as it suits all skin tones and pink eye shadow will give a very soft touch to your eyes. Apply thin eyeliner and mascara. However, if your Valentine’s Day idea includes a sexy and seductive look, then choosing bright and dashing colors for eye makeup should be part of your valentine’s day ideas. Apply a bit of eye shadow under the eyes as well. Smoky eye makeup is also a good idea. False lashes are also recommended with strong bold eyeliner for this look.

3. Makeup for your cheeks

Peach pink blush applied strategically on the cheekbones is usually recommended for valentine’s makeup. However, if you want a sexy and lovely submissive look, pink and red tone can also be used but make it light and rosy and not too noticeable. For a high sexy cheekbone, simply apply bronzer or taupe contouring colors to the hollows of your cheeks and then apply pink color to the apples of your cheeks.

4. Lips makeup

Lips makeover is an important part of valentine’s makeup. Certain lipsticks should be avoided as they leave marks on glasses and clothes. Either use good quality lip gloss over the lipstick or simple lip gloss over your lips. Now for a soft romantic look, use pink lipstick and give a glossy touch with a transparent or light pink lip gloss. Berry pink tone lip color will also give you a gorgeous look. For a sexy and seductive look, maroon or chocolate color lipstick with transparent lip gloss is recommended. Using red color for lips has remained a part of Valentine’s Day ideas since a long time. If you apply lip primer before applying lipstick, it will help your lip color stick for a longer period of time.

5. Hairstyle

You really need to plan your hair according to your date location. If you are going to an open place, style your hair in a way that if fresh air touches your hair, it would not give a messy look to your hair. Simple straight hair is the best option in this case. Take something with you in your purse to tie up your hair if you need to. Plaited hair with light colored hair clips also give you a very romantic look. Wavy and curly hair always give you a sexy look and if you want to appear soft and subtle, go for a simple pony tail.

6. Pedicure and manicure

Men are very conscious about the neatness of hands and feet of women. So you should have a proper manicure and pedicure before valentine. French manicure is considered the best. You can apply the same color on your nails as your lipstick color or a simple shiner to give a glossy touch to your nails to add beauty to your hands and feet.

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