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5 Surprisingly Easy SFX Makeup Tricks to Try For Halloween

Easy SFX Makeup

Special effects makeup, a skill previously reserved for movie sets, has gone mainstream. If you’ve never attempted SFX, it can be intimidating. To help you get started, we worked with the Halloween masters at makeup For Ever to come up with eight looks you can try this Oct.31. Two of the brand’s pro makeup artists — Lijha Stewart, director of education and artistry, and Nick Lujan, pro educator — broke down how to achieve seemingly impossible looks for us, from the Game of Thrones Night King to the classic skeleton. Best of all, they did it in five steps or fewer and with no fancy tools or products.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

Measure the zipper to your face

Step 1: Measure the zipper to your face. Then use a white pencil to lightly mark its placement.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

Brush on liquid latex

Step 2: Brush on liquid latex to the back of the zipper and the lines you drew on your face. Hold the zipper in place for 60 seconds.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

Desired Glam Makeup Look

Step 3: Apply any desired “glam” makeup look you’d like. Here, we went with a vampy lip and dark-rimmed eyes.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

Start Painting Inside of the Zipper

Step 4: Start painting inside of the zipper with any bright color. We mixed together with blue, green, and teal and set it with powder.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

Gold Glitter Applied using a Sponge

Step 5: Finish off with loose gold glitter applied using a sponge. Have tape handy to remove excess glitter from the rest of your face and clothing.

1: How to Create an “Unzipped” Face

colorful paint inside

The finished look! You can also keep the same technique for a gory look and replace the colorful paint inside with fake blood.


Source: Popsugar

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