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Six Casual Makeup Tips for a Casual Date

Casual Makeup

For anybody who has the slightest inclination towards fashion is not alien to the concept of subtlety when it comes to make-up. What appears to be just usage of products, can actually affect as to how people characterize you. For instance wearing that red pout on your first date may get you the impression of an “easy” person, and that is one thing we are sure, you do not want to happen. Hence here is our guide on six casual make tips for that casual date acting as natural anti-aging dotes:

Makeup Tips

From the Top

Let’s start with the hair. For those casual dates, try to keep your hair-style minimalistic and simple. For the shoulder length hair, keeping the locks loose with a hair-band or cute clips should do the trick. For those with long tresses or unmanageable strands can tie it up into a rolled up bun to spot the careless beauty look.

The Hands and the Feet

Make-up tips does not always involve your face, more often it is about the rest of the skin as well. Thus, as spontaneous as you might be with the minute detailing of the make-up tricks for your face, you cannot afford to forget the hands and the feet. So, make sure both your hands and feet are properly moisturized, there are no fragments of dirt in the nail areas and lastly if you are not really a nail paint person, may be a coat of clear polish should do the trick.

Moisturize That Face

Though it is a casual date, the chances of the same culminating into a possible relationship cannot be ruled out. Hence that face should not scream made-out. Cleansing your face with a mild cleanser, toning it afterwards with a soft toner and moisturizing thereafter based on your skin types, should pass on that normal yet charming look.

Conceal and not Hide

If it is a casual date that you are out for, usage of a foundation or base is complete unnecessary. But again, the blemishes and zits if any needs to be definitely taken care of. Hence dab in, equal proportions of concealer preferably with anti-aging contents wherever needed, and make sure to brush it smoothly to even out with the skin tone.

Doing the Eyes Right

It is extremely important to get the right make up for the eye, since you do not want to end up sporting a red carpet look for a casual date and pass on the impression of a plastic chick. Define your eyes with the aid of an eye-brow pencil, covering the inner sides of the eyes. If bold is your style, get out those nude and calm shades of eye-shadows brushing them a bit over the eye-lids. For a more complete look, use a soft liner over the upper line of eyelids.

The Pout

Last and the most important being the lips, the correct shade of lip color can either make or break the first impression. Using a red lip color on casual dates is an absolute no. To be safe, one can roll in lip balms with little bit of shimmer and for the color addicts shades of warm tones of pink, peach or nude should be good.

For all those people, dating over the years, remember that times may have changed and so have make up do’s and dont’s, but something that is ageless is charm and simplicity, so showcase it right.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

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