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Make your home spa experience blissful with some simple home spa products

Make your home spa experience blissful with some simple home spa products

Treat yourselves to some self indulgence with your own home spa. Make your home spa experience relaxing with a few key home spa products and set the mood to pamper yourselves!

We all need to pamper ourselves on a daily or weekly basis and sometimes we don’t have the time to hit a spa for treatments and sometimes we don’t have the funds to splash about. So, create your own home spa with just a few quality skin care products and home spa treatment accessories because that’s all that is needed for a wonderful home spa experience.

Bath Products: You can go a long way in creating a luxurious home spa with a few helpful products. No home spa is complete without skin-moisturizing oils to add to your bath to nourish your skin. Bath confetti and rose petals only add to create that sensual home spa experience.

Candles: To create the right mood for your home spa, use some heavenly scented candles. Your home spa experience should be soothing so try candles with lavender, vanilla, green apple, coconut, lemon and other fruity scents. The home spa experience is nothing without the right aromas as they calm your brain and body.

Beauty Treatments: While you’re relaxing and taking in your home spa experience and soaking in the tub, you may as well get more beautiful! Buy some simple home spa products – a conditioning treatment in your hair and a cleansing mask on your face.  Rub away that dry skin with a loofah and attack your feet with a pumice stone.

Body Exfoiliation: A natural sea salt body scrub in your home spa is invigorating, especially on the soles of the feet. As home spa products go, this is one to purchase immediately.

Home spa products to try are Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Trim and Tone Body Wrap; it aims to give you 5cm to 10cm weight loss. Now that’s what I call home spa heaven! Sanctuary also has fantastic home spa products including the salt and hot sugar scrubs.

A luxurious home spa is drab without a robe and comfy warm home spa slippers are the perfect way to feel like you’re capturing the home spa experience. Big fluffy towels will also bring you that luxury home spa experience so invest wisely and pamper yourself everyday!

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