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Up, down, classic or boho, I’ve got some hair styling ideas for you. CLASSIC UP DO’S

The up-do always looks chic and stylish so slick back the hair and put it in a bun; from Rosa Carla at Barcelona Bridal Week, it’s clear that high bun hairstyles are popular. The hair was twisted high on top of the crown and accessory free. Think Ballerina hairstyles, because thats what it looks like to me. Make sure the hair bun has depth and dimension to it by pinning pieces of the hair twisted inside the bun.

At Elizabeth Barboza’s show, “up-do” hairstyles were styled with oversized hair accessories -flowers. I mean over sized like Sex and the City that one season, where Carrie goes spastic for the huge flowers. I personally feel the over sized nature of this accessory takes away from the hairstyle itself. But on the other hand, the flower can also make a really simple hairstyle stand out. Be sure to keep cosmetics and makeup to a minimum if using over-sized hair flowers near your face.

In terms of hair accessories this season, Yolan Chris showed off flirty fascinators on the runways, while at Novia d’ Art, they clipped shimmering butterflies into bouffant type hairstyles. I also love hair accessories like Grecian headbands, crystal hair slides, and pearls in the hair. Big occasions require some special hairstyling so don’t hold back.


When you have great long hair then flaunt it. At Pepe Botella, locks were left natural looking in half up-half down hairstyles. Hair plaits are also still going strong so think about funking it up with some chunky braids made longer by using hair extensions. Feather hairbands and crystal flowers provide subtle hair accessories to otherwise flowy hairstyles.


At Cymbeline long hair was set into perfectly groomed and glossy waves and my happiest purchase over the summer was my wonderful Babyliss Ceramic waver. This genius hair styling product is not like all the other hair wavers and curlers. It has 2 flat surfaces top and bottom and slightly rounded edges! It’s the absolute best hair waver I have ever tried and gives you that perfect Megan Fox look without even visiting the salon. Hair styling with this waver is super quick and there’s even a glove provided so you don’t singe off your fingers! We’ve all experienced that burn, but no more!

Don’t be afraid to use hair accessories to add oomph and always create your hairstyles and carry them with confidence.

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