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Women’s Chypre Fragrances

Chypre fragrances are those which are desired by women of great choice. They are such that if you wear them, it will linger on a man’s skin for long and it forces him to be attracted towards you even more.

Chypre is popularly referred to the fragrance family comes in various types for women. Chypre fragrance is differentiated from each other. One can be composed to citrus top notes, others are the floral middle type Chypre and some fragrances are mossy-animalist base note. They are often derived from the oak moss or the musks. Chypre fragrance can be customized by notes like patchouli, ambergris and usually sandalwood.

The French word, Chypre came primarily from the Mediterranean continents and women over there use the Chypre fragrance most often. Coty’s Chypre fragrance is typical one for women’s use. The special fact about the Chypre fragrance is that they linger on your skin for a long-term and men are most often attracted to such fragrance. Chypre fragrance has the ability to leave a lasting effect on men as they remain like the scanted memory in the sweet scented corners of their mind. Today, we will talk about the top Chypre fragrances for women. These are the options for you to move smoothly along the top layer of delicate sensuality.

Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle

This new fragrance of Chypre family is specially designed for the physical self of women who desire it. This Chypre fragrance has been a tribute paid by the house of Chanel. The sparkling Coco Mademoiselle is one of the top Chypre fragrances of the world. It has a sense of bergamot, orange, a note of rose, jasmine and a tinge of patchouli in it.


Darling Perfume

A really sensual and darling Chypre fragrance is designed by the well-known Australian singer, Kylie Minogue. Its floral fragrance for women is combined with charm, strength and talent for all the working hip hop women. This luxurious ‘Chypre fragrance has a combination of lychee, fruity attire, lily, amberwood, sandalwood and last but not the least the luscious vanilla. It’s a must buy Chypre fragrance for women.

Amariage Mriage

Amariage Mriage Perfume

Planning to get married soon? Amariage Mariage by Givenchy will capture your true emotions for the wedding day. You can relate this fragrance back to the old days of bridal bouquets. The fragrance’s top layer will be sparkling with an orange and bergamot with the middle layer having floral and jasmine attire with an additional tinge of cinnamon, magnolia, sandalwood and patchouli.

DKNY BE delicious

DKNY BE delicious Perfume

This Chypre fragrance is popularly known as ready to wear perfume for women made by Donna Karen. The fruit of Eden, another name for this fragrance, this fragrance is used to symbolize the liberty, innocence and sensuality of women. It has a unique smell of apple, magnolia and cucumber.

These irresistible Chypre fragrances are a must buy for all the women who desire good perfumes.

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