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Eyes: Enhance the Mirror to Your Soul!

Our eyes reflect our innermost thoughts, so use the latest eye makeup styles for 2011 to improve your outlook!

Our eyes are the mirror to our soul. They help us to emote, beautify and complete our existence, because we are not much without our eyes.

A woman’s eyes are one of her most prized features, and women are always trying new looks, new trends and styles and various types of eye make up and cosmetics to improve these God-gifted features. A lot depends on the eyes and eye makeup when it comes to any type of appearance. Whether you’re going for your most important bridal makeup, or a regular day wear makeup look, the eye makeup becomes the focal point of all beauticians and make up artists.

Here are some different types of eye colors and eye shadows which are appropriate for the coming year.

  • Green/ Hazel Eyes:

If you have green or hazel colored eyes, than the eyeshadow that will suit your eye color are: Apricot, forest green, plum, violet, gold, lime green, and light green

  • Blue Eyes:

Blue eye color is a fantasy for many women. If you luckily have this eye color than the shade for you is: Taupe, grey, violet, silver, a darker shade of blue, fushcia.

  • Brown Eyes:

People with light brown or dark brown eyes should use the following eye shades: Copper, bronze, apricot, light pink, royal blue, champagne, khaki green.

These eye colors will definitely keep you update with the makeup trend for 2011, because mostly the color palate for the coming year consists of pastel and lighter, bright, and warmer shades. These lighter and warmer shades add a touch of youth and are great for all types of features.

So by using these shades you can keep up with the latest colors for the coming year, and catch the eye of people around you!

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