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Hublot Forays into Eyewear with Handmade Sunglasses

Handmade Sunglasses

Hublot Forays Eyewearut aside those Pradas lest you drop them when you read this. Famous Swiss watchmaker Hublot has launched its first line of sunglasses and spoilers: they come with high-performance adaptable lenses and a high-tech titanium frame; in short the Hublot Lunettes are a remarkable technical feat. And why wouldn’t they be? Handmade in Switzerland, these sunglasses have been built in partnership with Zeiss optics and German optician Marcus Marienfeld. Speaking of the former, its signature bearing blue-grey CR-39 lenses offer a very high sun protection factor and excellent optical performance while the inner surface benefits from Zeiss’ famous anti- reflective coating.Handmade SunglassesAs for the outer surface, there is Tri-FlectionTM coating, creating less cause for cleaning, as fingerprints, marks steer clear of the sunglass surface. Moving on from the surface, the brand’s logo and H-shaped screws find their place on each arm while the frame features a unique and different design specially developed with the Hublot teams But besides the Lunettes’ unlike-any-other status for adhesion, design and durability they can also be adapted to the customer’s vision on request. The sunglasses are available in Titanium Black and Titanium leaving us with the impression that these numbered babies may be one of the ground zeroes of inserting fashion into optical quality.

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