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Eye Exercise to Reduce Dark Circle

There are many factors that influence the beauty of any woman; like long hair, fair complexion, attractive facial features etc. The part of the body which is very much delicate and sensitive too is the eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so it is very much important to take care of them. If you have dull eyes having dark circles and eyes bags under them, then your beauty is incomplete. Dark circles under eyes leave a bad and dull impact on your face.

The skin under eyes is very thin and also no oil glands present there, so you should keep that area hydrated by applying some eye gel or eye cream. There are a number of tips which can help you to remove Dark Circles from your eyes. Some natural tips includes the use of cucumber in a particular eyes, use of “used” tea bags and the most important is a complete sleep of 8 hours. Apart from all these, you can also get rid of this problem by doing eye exercise. To know about the eye exercise to reduce dark circle-continue reading.

Look at Nose: First of all, you need to sit in a comfortable way and relax. Balance breathes and don’t sigh too fast. When you come in relax position; look above the bridge of your nose. Keep looking at the spot for five seconds and after five seconds give your eyes relaxation. After doing that, look at the tip of your nose and again keep looking for five seconds. This exercise will release your tension and stress and will give your eyes relaxation.

Simple Exercise: This is a simple and easy exercise to get rid of eye tiredness and dark circles. You just need to relax and look in front of you. Now inhale and look at your right side as far as you can, but don’t try to turn your head in some other direction during this move. Then gradually bring your head to original position and exhale. Try this move for the left side as well and do the same. Try to do this exercise not less than three times at least.

Rolling Eyes: This is another eye exercise for the relaxation of your eyes. Sit on a chair or any place where you can sit comfortably and look down. Held breathes and rolls your eyes to the right side and start circular movement of the eye ball. This circular movement will help you to get your eyes relax. Try to do this three times.

Face Yoga: To prevent your eyes from dark circles, wrinkles and eye bags- you should do face yoga. For face yoga, you have to use your middle fingers. Put them on your eye brows and apply pressure with your index finger at the corner of your eyes. Move your lower eye lids upward and then relax. Try to repeat this action for more than six times and then shut your eyes and relax.

Exercise With Water: To give your eyes relaxation, you can try this Eye Exercise Whenever you woke up, rush towards your sink and fill your palm with cold water and soak your eye lids in it. Blink your eyes in cold water for six to eight times. It will give your eyes a fresh look and also leave a cooling effect. Repeat this action for at least two times. This is the simple and easy exercise if you want to get rid of dark circles which are ruining your facial beauty By doing these simple actions, you will get rid of the problem of dark circles and also make your eyes look fresh. Instead of using cosmetics, try to adopt a natural or practical solution.

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