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Natural and Organic Beauty Recipes

Natural Beauty Recipes

Easy Beauty RecipesIt is usually observed that in the desire of acquiring ultimate beauty and perfection women and men employ every possible way. Starting from expensive chemical products to complicated skin and beauty treatments from expensive parlors you are likely to go for every possible way that gives you even a little amount of affirmation about your desires. You forget the fact that although they promise you beauty but that promise is short lived and you’re not likely to have that perfect skin for longer period of time that the homemade beauty recipes can give. Furthermore these products contain harmful chemicals which damage your skin and lead to adverse side effects. It has also come in to observation that the marks these chemical products leave are rarely curable and cause permanent damage to your skin instead of homemade beauty recipes.

If you want to look appealing and beautiful while having a flawless skin and general personality then going for homemade beauty recipes is the best thing for you. Simple homemade beauty recipes do wonders to your skin and appearance. Further more homemade beauty recipes give long lasting positive effects and do not leave any adverse side effects behind. Here are a few homemade beauty recipes which can do miracles to your skin and beauty. Acne is that one problem which has been haunting the lives of millions all across the globe since ages. For treating acne you

may have tried or listened about many expensive chemical containing creams and other remedies that are widely available in the markets or at your nearest salons. However these remedies do not fulfill your expectations. Hence you should try those homemade beauty recipes which deal with acne issue. They suggest that use of rose water for washing your face with acne helps a lot.

Toning your skin also adds a lot to your beauty. When you apply a toner your skin becomes flawless and radiant. However the limitation attached to skin toners is their suitability to your skin. The ones with chemicals cause allergies and do not suit many skin types. Hence you can go for natural and organic skin tones that can be easily prepared at homes. For making natural skin toners you just have to use your common kitchen items in a smart style. You can make a natural skin toner by grating one cucumber and then extracting its juice. Now put in some yogurt to the juice and let it cool in fridge. Now use cotton to put it on your face and wash it after few minutes. Another effective homemade beauty recipe of natural skin toner is that made with lemon and honey. Put some lemon juice to some honey and make a paste of it. Once a paste is made you have to apply it thoroughly on your face and wash it after few minutes of application.

Cleansing is also very important for beautiful skin and if you use homemade beauty recipes for making fresh and natural cleanser which suits your taste and skin type you can be extremely blessed. Make a natural cleanser by homemade beauty recipe with mixing 10ml glycerin, 60 ml witch hazel with about a pinch of borax. Ingredients like aloe Vera or holy basil can be added on your wish to this. Store this mixture in some cool and dry place and use within 3 weeks.

Using your discarded teabag can wonders to your kin in terms of skin cleansers. After you have had your tea dissolve the left over tea bag in some left over warm water and then apply that water on your face. This will tighten your skin and work as a great skin tightening agent. Hence using homemade beauty recipes can prove to be extremely economical and beneficial.

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