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Manhattan goes to Munich, releases Oktoberfest-themed beauty range

Manhattan goes to Munich, releases Oktoberfest

Manhattan goes to Munich, releases OktoberfestFollowing fashion designers‘ obsession with dirndls and other German traditional wear, beauty labels seem to be picking up on the trend.


German brand Manhattan Cosmetics is gearing up for the world’s biggest beer bash, launching an Oktoberfest-inspired collection of lipsticks and blushes, all designed to recreate that Heidi-like rosy freshness. A mini mascara to fit into your handbag and some blotting paper (it’s going to be hot in those tents!) in a cute picnic blanket packaging are also part of the range.





Manhattan releases Oktoberfest-themed beauty range

Just last year, numerous designers included re-interpretations of the dirndl, German women’s traditional dress. Karl Lagerfeld not only included the dirndl at Fendi but also sent out loden jackets and felt skirts. Dark green and grey, the colors of German men’s traditional outfits, dominated the German-born designer’s runway for the Italian label. Even London wild child Christopher Kane embroidered flowers onto his little black dresses and went for dirndl-inspired necklines, before Marc Jacobs gave the dirndl one of the highest fashion accolades, integrating the style into his Louis Vuitton collection. – Relaxnews

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