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You Should Put A Finger Up Your Bum When You Shower


The online realm has a peculiar obsession with discussions revolving around the posterior region. TikTok is flooded with tips on achieving an aesthetically pleasing derrière, and there was even a viral trend surrounding butt scrunch leggings.

Speculation about the Kardashian family’s backsides is a never-ending topic. However, a revelation from a few years ago shook the internet when it discovered that many heterosexual men do not prioritize washing their behinds.

Or did it really come as a surprise? According to Dr. Karan Raj, a professional in the field of rear-end examination, more individuals are unknowingly carrying what he refers to as “poo flakes” than we would care to admit.

Dr. Raj highlights the issue arising from inadequate cleaning, as many people fail to thoroughly cleanse their posterior, leaving behind traces of fecal matter. Astonishingly, he witnesses a “not insignificant” amount of rectal residue that lingers higher up than most individuals typically go.

Even the ongoing debate surrounding bidet usage doesn’t provide a definitive solution. Dr. Raj emphasizes that whether one opts for a bidet or toilet paper to tidy their “rusty sheriff’s badge,” one needs to introduce a finger during showering to achieve a thorough cleanse.


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Essentially, no matter how diligent one is with wiping, it won’t suffice. To attain true cleanliness, it seems we must venture into uncharted territory that very few have explored before.

Dr. Raj also highlights the potential health issues caused by lingering fecal particles. The most common complaint among those with unclean bottoms is pruritus ani or an itchy anus. In some cases, the presence of germ-filled debris can lead to infections like pre-anal abscesses, resulting in painful internal pimples.

Further advice for maintaining proper anal hygiene includes avoiding the use of wet wipes and ensuring thorough drying after washing.

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