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How Stress Affects your Body and Brain

Stress Affects

Stress Affects Body and BrainStress has become an unwanted part of our daily lives. Almost all of us went through stress in our lives in different forms and situations. Whether the stress is due to emotional life, personal life or professional life, it not only hurts you deep there inside, but also affects your body and brain. Below, you can have a look how Stress Badly affects your body and brain:

It Ages You

It has been discovered that chronic stress affects your telomeres, which eventually boost the process of aging. When you are psychologically stressed, your telomeres become active to fix the problem and every time it is used it becomes shorter. In this way, you age faster than the normal aging process.

Leads to Obesity

Believe it or not, but taking too much stress will make you fat. As a matter of fact, when a person takes stress, it actually enforces the hormone ghrelin which actually boosts hunger. Most of the people gain body fat on their problem areas. However, usually the ghrelin hormone has a big influence on your waistline. A large waist is generally a sign of psychological stress, as the stress hormone, cortisol, seems to prefer sending fat to the abdomen area.

Deteriorates Your Immune System

Stress and anxiety are real enemies for overall health. Chronic Psychological Stress creates biochemical changes and imbalanced in the body that affect the immune system. When a person dives into stress, a hormone, cortisol, is released which inhibits chemicals that strengthen disease fighting defenses. As a result, it will make difficult for your immunity system to fight a flu virus or even a minor bacterial infection, aggravating your allergies, asthma and eczema According to the research, stress also raises the level of inflammation in the body which may lead to heart disease.

Harm Your Memory and Reflexes

While stress affects your body by increasing the chances of getting cardiovascular disease, at the same time, it affects your brain. It has been found that people having the problem of chronic stress eventually get their reflexes slower. However, you cannot mix with the situation with Alzheimer. It has been discovered that almost 60 to 70 percent of dementia patients have undergone through chronic stress. On the other hand, people having poor memory are mostly going through stress and anxiety.

While losing memory is the worst, getting headaches, moodiness and severe anxiety are the least hurtful sides of chronic stress. People who have gone through much stress related problems tend to be a negative thinker.

Makes You Sleepless

Getting proper sleep is a key to healthy life. When a person is in tension and stress, it definitely hurt his sleeping routine, as his brain is continuously busy in thinking about the stressful event. Sleep is called as a “beauty sleep” for a reason and most of the women will definitely agree with it. It has been found, that lack of proper sleep appears to make women more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease as compared to men. Person’s emotional condition affects sleep a lot. People having chronic depression, hostility and anger have higher risk levels for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

They call it beauty sleep for a reason and most women will agree that nothing kills the complexion like too little of it. But for reasons that are still unclear, poor sleep habits appear to make women more vulnerable to heart disease than men.

Affects your Sex Life

Noticing a decline in sex drive with the process of aging is natural for both men and women. However, the degree of decline varies with the psychological and emotional condition of individuals. However, if a young or fairly young individual in 40s experience an abrupt loss of sex drive, it is definitely not a normal sign. In most cases, many men and women maintains sexual interest even in 60s and 70s. On the other hand, the individuals experiencing too much stress will found them less interested in the job. Continuous stress will lead to depression, which suppresses the sexual desire as will excess weight.

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