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Marvelous Amazing Infinity Bathtubs For A Luxury Look Of The Bathroom

infinity tub

The focal point and must-have part of the bathroom is of course the bathroom. And yes, they can be found in versatile designs and shape. Some of them can be free-standing, others corner. Also, they can vary in the materials used. For instance, bathtubs can be wooden, copper, marble etc. And yet, there is one more design of bathtub – an infinity one. Infinity bathtubs can make the bathroom look quite luxurious and you will agree with us once you finish reading this article.

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infinity bathtubs

Infinity bathtubs borrow the design from infinity pools but on a smaller scale. They create the impression of an edgeless pool with a waterfall in your home. The water reaches the edge in a cool optical illusion. Actually, the water overflows the edge into a surrounding channel. A pump recirculates the water back into the tub and an in-line heater keeps it warm. And the best thing of all is that they can be found in versatile designs and shapes. So, there is definitely a bathtub for every bathroom.

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marvelous amazing infinity bathtubs

For instance, some infinity bathtubs promote a spa-like experience with hydrotherapy methods to massage the body. Or, they can even offer chromotherapy using colored lights, sequenced for utmost relaxation. Below, we have chosen several bathrooms with infinity bathtubs. Check them out and let us know if this type of bathtub is the right one for your bathroom.

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infinity bathtubs for a luxury look of the bathroom

As you can see, infinity bathtubs can be quite versatile. The top edge may be flush with a new stone, tile or wooden surround, or they can be dropped into an existing surround or alcove. These bathtubs require more structural support than regular bathtubs. They are often rectangular, but can be also oval, circle or square shaped.

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beautiful infinity bathtubs

Infinity bathrooms are the best choice for bathrooms with window views of cityscapes or landscapes. And an even cozier atmosphere can be achieved with a fireplace next to the bathtub. So, just imagine yourself relaxing in one such bathtub after the long working day? Priceless, right?

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marvelous bathtubs

So, which one from the above bathrooms with infinity bathtubs did you like the best? Would you like to have an infinity bathtub into your bathroom too?

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