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Running Tips

Most of the women see running as a way to lose weight, which ideally is the best reason as running helps you to lose a lot of calories, arguably more than running on the treadmill. Running helps you lose around 100 calories or so which is quite good if you are looking to shape up yourself.[contentblock id=1 img=adsense.png]Women Running Tips

For other women running is a way to socialize and thus make new friends. As many of the best trainers recommend, certain tips would help you to hit the road without spending the entire run cursing each and every step due to body aches and lungs burn.

Tip 1: Getting the Right Gear

Wearing the right running shoes is the key to comfortable run and also important for injury prevention. Women have narrow heels so make sure you visit a running specialty store and get the right shoe for your foot type.

Tip 2: Warming up

A good warm-up is a very useful signal to the body about some muscular activity that is going to take place. Not only does it prevent those too rapid lung burns and stress to your body but by slowly raising the heart rate, the warm-up minimizes stress on your heart when you start your run. Always start with  with a brisk walk, followed by  jogging for  few minutes. What many runners fail to do is let their body cool down, that is end your run with a slow 5-minute jog or walk so that your heart rate and blood pressure falls gradually.

Tip 3: Don’t Worry About Your Pace

For beginners, who are full of enthusiasm for running, finding the correct pace very early is important. If you are a beginner and you are able to run at a pace at which you can converse too then you’re doing it right from the very beginning.  Starting off with this will save you from injuries which many runners face initially. Most beginners start off with run-walk technique which involves running for a segment of time and then walking for a short segment. There is no harm in it as long as the period of running is more than that of walking.

Tip 4: Taking a Break is Important

It is definitely true that each run stresses your bones, ligaments, joints and muscles as you do it more often and this holds the key to adapting by growing stronger and more efficient but at the same time hitting the road hard can increase the chance of injury. So basically the trick is to find the sweet spot in which you run enough to spark the developmental changes in your body but also to give your body enough time in between to recover. For new runners, that goal of three runs a week is ideal.

Tip 5: You Dont Have To Go Too Long

Many beginners get too anxious and end up increasing the mileage too soon seeing it as a way to make their body adapt to adapt to stress very rapidly but unfortunately it only leads to injury. It is advisable not to increase the distance you run too soon but do it slowly so that your body is given the time to adapt. Measuring your runs in minutes or miles involves a bit of personal preference but what really is important is the fact that how much comfortable you are in terms of going at certain pace and covering certain distance.


Exercise is very important for our body and running is one of the way you can exert it. Following tips will be very useful especially for women who because of some physical differences face more problems than men do.

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