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20 Benefits of Having a Boyfriend For a Best Friend

Two double cheeseburgers, a Big Mac, a McChicken sandwich, and large fries in the car — were we on an awesome date or just hanging out? The beauty of having a boyfriend for a best friend is that it was both. When the two become seamless, you know you have it good. My partner is also my favorite companion, which means we can go to a bar and get hammered together, and then proceed to our romantic dinner reservation straight after. It’s the best of both worlds. Here are 20 amazing benefits to having an SO for a BFF.

  1. You can truly be yourselves around each other.
  2. Doing even the simplest things together is fun.
  3. Sleepovers are so much better.
  4. After a fight, you can have makeup sex.
  5. Every night’s like date night.
  6. You don’t feel the need to look done up around him.
  7. When you’re together, it’s a judge-free zone.
  8. You love each other in more ways than one.
  9. You can be serious and playful around each other.
  10. You two can talk about anything.
  11. It’s OK to be gross in front of him.
  12. Including him in plans isn’t a big deal because you probably have similar friends.
  13. He’s also your favorite drinking partner.
  14. You can vent to him anytime.
  15. You can hold hands and high-five.
  16. You connect on multiple levels.
  17. You can be completely honest with each other.
  18. You don’t feel the need to impress him.
  19. He’ll love you in both sweatpants and heels.
  20. You have the luxury of friendship and love all in one person.

Source: popsugar

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