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Luxury Beach Living from a new Urbanist

Beach Living Ideas

Luxury Beach Living

Before starting on the topic of luxury living and beach living ideas, I would like to tell you the definition of New Urbanism from my point of view. New Urbanism is an international movement which plans and promotes walk able neighborhood and also tacking the problems related to it. And an urbanist would be a specialist in the studies of cities planning.

Now we come to the luxury living and beach living ideas. As per now projects which are promoted by new urbanism are getting pretty popular. And people want luxury living and beach living is catching the attention of such people who want to have a luxury living and because of that everyone is looking for beach living ideas and ideal locations of their dream homes. In this article I will be sharing some beach living ideas which have balance, beauty, simplicity and grace and I am very sure that you are going to like them.
Beach Living Ideas:

Before starting on those beach living ideas let me tell you one thing that everything depends on your choice how you want to choose your luxury living and lifestyle. These ideas are just for pointing you in the right direction.

1. Noise Free

Luxury living on a beach is an ideal location and thought because it is away from the all the noise of the main city and you can enjoy the nature to the fullest away from such hustle and bustle.

2. Sense of Community

In terms of new urbanism, the basic focus of beach living or luxury living is to have a strong sense of community. So the houses should be set closed together.

3. Close To Nature

One of the benefits of living close to nature is the whole environment. The nature preservers; beautifully connected walking path to the crystal clear waters of the ocean with beautiful sand spread on the beach gives you the feeling of being in heaven. Yes even on earth.

4. Enjoying Sun and Beach

The best part about beach living, you can enjoy the sun and the beach any time you want to relax yourself for the daily routine.

5. Adding A Pool

Being close to the beach does not mean you can’t enjoy the joys of luxury living by adding a pool in your luxurious home where you can enjoy with your friends, neighbors or family having a bar-b-que, birthdays or any kind of celebrations.

6. Interaction

The beautiful neighborhood center, streets and roads shaded with trees, playgrounds for kids, well connected streets and again on the basis of new urbanism, a neighborhood having its own association to create a strong sense of community and interaction between the neighbors while enjoying the luxurious beach living to the fullest.

7. House Designs

Houses built with a design which puts nature to use like having big airy rooms with windows to let in some fresh air and sunlight. Plus a view of the beach would a plus point to the beauty of it.

8. Beautiful Porch

Houses having a beautiful porch where you can enjoy the evening tea with family, friends and guests is one of the pleasures of having a luxurious life while living on a beach.

9. Vacation Home

A neighborhood designed on the basis of new urbanism is idea whether if you are looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence. You can enjoy the mild weather, water sports, kids can just take their bikes and play either in the parks or on the beach building a sand castle with the sugar-fine sand spread near their houses, mature trees and small tree lined parks throughout the neighborhood are few of the benefits of the beach living.

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