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FitWet Jet Bike combines an Exercise Bike and a Hot Tub

Fitwet Jet Bike Combines an Exercise Bike and a Hot Tub

Fitwet Jet Exercise Bike and Hot TubLet’s bike in water! Exercise now gets a little more attractive with the FitWet Jet Bike which impressively combines an exercise bike and a hot tub, to help you aquasize your body. Described to be the new revolution of fitness industry, the Jet Bike combines the effects of pedaling, water resistance, jets, ozone and chromatherapy, and helps you to remodel and refine the silhouette, notably the buttocks muscles, the quadriceps and the thighs. Additionally, the Jet Bike session also develops one’s cardiovascular capacities and endurance, while the draining massage exercised by the jets rubs out the cellulite, the ‘orange skin’ effect, and the retention of water issues.

Fitwet Jet Combines Exercise Bike and Hot Tub

However, we have earlier seen some of the other unique exercising machines like the Monte Carlo Pool Bike which lets you enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise, the HydroWorx L-Series luxurious swim spa that meets your fitness and fun needs, and the Swimmill which amazingly turns your swimming pool into twirling exercise machine, besides the treadmill desk workstation for fitness freaks and workaholics.

Highly recommended for the individuals suffering from heavy legs, the Jet Bike’s sessions helps varicose veins prevention, and stimulates the blood circulation and the venous return. Further, the Jet Bike’s pedaling movements are smooth and without collision, which is ultimately beneficial for both the back and the articulations. The impressive product that helps fight overweight with suffering comes loaded with highly useful features like the triple thick saddle, drink holder, LED multifunction touch screen, 12 jets, ergonomic handles, and the heart rate and burned calorie measures. As claimed, 30 minutes of Jet Biking is equivalent to 2 hours on a standard bike, and it burns up to 800 calories an hour. – FitWet

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