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See some home decor ideas and change the way you live.

Get the country home- look with some ideas for interior changes to your living facilities by adding some home furnishings and sprucing up your home decor. When it comes to country homes, there are some key home decor ideas which you can incorporate into your living room, bedroom or kitchen even.

  • Home Decor Idea 1:

To change your living room’s interior; make a feature with some wallpaper. For instance, to gain maximum impact cover your chimneys exhaust area or an alcove with some wallpaper. When it comes to home decor with wallpaper, make sure you pick a patterned paper that offers a total contrast to your living room, however choose one in complimentary colours.

  • Home Decor Idea 2:

You can totally change the way your living facilities look by changing the flooring. For your living room I would suggest going for wooden floors in either dark wood or beech. You can then switch around your home decor to match the floors and they are so practical with children around too. Also a favorite of mine are country home staples- terracotta tiles for hallways or kitchens. They certainly tie in with home decor of country homes.

  • Home Decor Idea 3:

No country home is complete without a little rattan home furnishings. I LOVE rattan for home decor, because it looks rustic, vintage and its summer inspired. Living rooms and kitchens look lovely with some rattan home furnishings. Coffee tables for your living room would be ideal and a table and chairs set for your kitchen space. For home decor, rattan vases and large stools also work very well with the country theme. For colour, add some apple green or Spanish blue to your living room space as it works well with rattan home furnishings.

Give these country home decor ideas a go and see the difference small changes make to your home, garden and living surroundings.

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