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Improve Your Home and Garden

Improve Home and Garden

Word “Home” is the second name of joy, comfort and relaxation from bitter life outside. No matter how is your home…its big or small …congested or wide. A home have all the comforts which is desired by every human after a hectic day of work. Like any other institution, home also owns some departments.

Each “Department” of home performs any specific task to ease its residents. Kitchen supplies you food. Bedrooms give a warm lap to sleep in. TV lounge acts as an entertainment corner .In the same way we take Garden as the utmost source of observing nature. A Garden have trees, plants, pots and grass in common.

Some people who love plants company decorate their garden with numerous types of flowers and plants. These plants are the perfect designs of nature. A garden in a home makes its attractive and close to nature where you can walk naked feet and breath like the time you breath first. Gardens add beauty and life to the home. Its said by a philosopher that a Home without garden is like a box with living dolls in it.

A garden in a home requires a little attention but give more benefit. If you are interested in having a garden in your home then you can use you own ideas but for more expertise its recommended to hire a gardener. you can plant everything from trees to vegetables in your garden.

You can renovate it by putting a carpet of green grass. With utilizing you artistic sense you can draw long strips of any plant over walls.

Your Garden can be more beautiful and lively if you place some water pots in Garden for the birds so that they can visit your garden and enhance the intense sign of life. Some pets like turtles, pigeons can also be kept in Garden to give it a wild deep forest look.

For having a beautiful garden keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make the arrangement of garden in such a way where you can walk, see and look after every corner of it.
  • Don’t forget to put chemical or natural fertilizers as needed. So,that they can enhance the plant growth.
  • Buy some beautiful painted pots to place it in your garden.
  • Supply sufficient water especially in summers so that all your efforts should not go in vein.

Gardens add life to your home…..Put Life ……Make Garden…!

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