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The 3 Most Important Decorating Elements, According to a Designer

Important Decorating Elements According to Designer

The way Shannon Smith transforms a bare apartment into a cozy home might cause you to confuse her for a magician, or an interior design fairy godmother at the very least. The secret to creating a stunning home, she says, is to focus on three things when decorating. “I am a firm believer that you don’t need a lot of stuff to make your space feel finished. If you consider these three things — texture, color, and scale — you can make any space feel cozy.” Keep reading to hear what Shannon has to say about approaching each.Most Important Decorating Elements

1 Texture: The More The Merrier

Texture The More The Merrier

“Add texture with area rugs, drapery, vintage pieces, or natural fibers,” Shannon advises.

2 Color: Layer ThreeColor Layer Three

“Layer color in your space to add depth, even if it’s neutral,” she says. “I always try to choose three colors — a light color, a dark color, and something in between — and scatter them throughout the space.”

3 Scale: Go Big, or Go HomeScale Go Big or Go Home

“Large art pieces, leaning floor mirrors, and big area rugs accentuate the height of the ceilings or the width of a room,” explains Shannon. “If you are worried about living in a small space, focus particularly on this tip as it will usually make your space feel larger.”

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