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5 Crowd Pleasing Pasta Recipes

Crowd Pleasing Pasta

Crowd Pleasing Pasta RecipesIf you’re a vegetarian, it’s easy to partake in the cheesy goodness of pasta, but if you’ve taken on a vegan diet, it’s a different story. Whether you’re looking to lighten up your next meal or add a new dish to your cooking repertoire, these delicious vegan pasta recipes are perfectly fit to fill you and your guests with some loving comfort.

 1: Enchilada Pasta Casserole

Enchilada PastaAngela at Oh She Glows calls her recipe for vegan enchilada casserole both “naughty and nice.” This Mexican-inspired dish is packed with pasta, vegetables, and a little crunch: pure comfort.

2: Veggie-Packed Pasta Salad

Pasta SaladNo Summer BBQ is complete without a big bowl of chilled pasta salad. Between the chopped pickles and dijon mustard used in this recipe, the flavor of this tangy pasta salad is so tasty no one will miss that fatty mayo.

3: Fusilli With No-Cook Sauce

Fusilli With No Cook SauceFood has the right ideas about easy entertaining. A big bowl of fusilli with raw tomato sauce lets all this fresh produce in this healthy dish speak for itself.

4: Lasagna

zucchini Lasagna RecipeThis recipe for zucchini lasagna is both gluten- and dairy-free, making it a perfect option for people suffering from multiple food intolerances but looking for a little comfort.

5: Creamy Pasta

Holy Guacamole Cream PastaInstead of creamy alfredo, opt for a big plate of holy guacamole cream pasta from Healthful Pursuit. You’ll get the same texture you love without all the empty calories that come from butter and cream.

Source: fitsugar

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