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The ‘Seduction’ of high heels

seduction of high heels

seduction of high heelsHigh heels are timeless creations of Egyptian Butchers; make the woman look ultra hot and sexy. They are characterized by an undeniable sex appeal, the click click sound in its every step whispers ‘Seduction’. They are characterized with the persona of a sophisticated, independent and alluring woman.

High heels encapsulate feminine sexuality in their artistically embellished and elegant designs. A woman can easily captivate a man in the delightful aura of her high heel which grasps her slim feet beautifully, making her calf muscle firm and toned, her buttocks are pushed out making them resemble a firm peach with an erotically charged line. A sexy high heel can make a woman look fantastic. Above all never ever forget the timeless love of men for high heels and the erotic waves that they send in each step.

High heels come in multiple colors and styles ranging from sexy boots and knee high boots to Tip Jar and Platform with several varieties of heels including wooden heels, cork heels, spike heels and stiletto heels. These heels start from 4 inches and may go up to 7 or 8 inches.

High heels have magical qualities to spark up the effeminate sensuousness, they make you look taller and slimmer making your legs appear curvier and fabulous. Moreover they can amazingly add extra glamour to a simple outfits and jeans. Pencil skirts look a lot more vampire and seductive with high heels and summer dresses become extra flirty when worn with scrappy high heels sandals. They give you an ultimate sexier posture by highlighting your essential curves from hip to toe and making your figure more voluptuous and erotic.

Stripper shoes are no longer considered only for the professional risque. They are among the hot choice of every girl. These shoes have their own magnificence, which makes them stand out among the rest of the other shoes. From formal to informal occasions, sexy footwear can be worn for almost any occasion.

Girls this is a fact men become horny till their throat when they see an alluring woman wearing high heels with that spicy charm of sexuality. For them it is an unavoidable sight. For them a woman who can not walk in heels is far from elegance, she is not even vulnerably sexy. The sexiest thing a woman can do is to make love while wearing high heels, the spark of romance when combined with sensuality of high heels will touch the peaks of wildness. It will produce even more electric charges in romance when the heels will scratch his body.

If you want to make yourself extremely appealing to men, you must not only wear high heel but also learn the art of wearing high heels, because they are not less then any artistic creation, you need to develop an aesthetic sense to wear and carry yourself in those stunning high heels.

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