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Make an impression with This $139,000 Gold Dress

$139,000 Gold Dress

Dazzle and shineBling is definitely in and going a few notches above your regular sequins and diamond embellishments is this dress. Made completely out of gold by Turkish jeweler Ahmet Atakan, the yellow metal dress weighs up to 3kgs, is made up of a total of 78,000 pieces of gold and will set you back nearly £85,000 ($139,984).Gold Entirely DressAtakan who is based in Izmir, Turkey designed the dress using 78,000 pieces of gold to form a mesh-like fabric. While the design of the dress is simple, it does come with a very short hem and plunging neckline, so it may not be just the gold that catches people’s eyes.Gold DressDespite the steep cost, Atakan has already sold eight gowns with plans to continue producing more dresses with an aim to increase the number of sales to 10 in 2014.

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