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Get Cozy with Warm Winter Trends

Get Cozy with Warm Winter Trends

Every wardrobe needs a bit of updating with winter just around the corner, and the fashion divas around the world are on the lookout for just that; updating their wardrobe to the latest fashion trends that winter fashion 2011 has to offer. The winter fashion 2011 has a lot to offer in terms of colours, vibrancy, cuts, and what not. From furs, to pleats, to frill, to leather, the winter fashion 2011 has everything for everybody. Below is a list of must-haves this season that you are sure not to miss out on the fashion scene.

  • Sweater dressing:

Sweater DressingA must-have for winter fashion 2011 is a power sweater, a baggy knitted sweater that extends past your hip. Pair it up with a good pair of jeans, skirt or a dress; anything that works for you because this winter’s fashion trends are more about being at ease with your own self rather than just pleasing the world. Sweater dressing is a laid back, slouchy silhouette that goes with everything.

  • Mixed prints:

Mixed PrintsOne winter fashion 2011 trend that is here to stay is the use of mixed prints in dresses, tops and even knitwear. Polka dots, plaids, frills; the bolder the statement through the mixed print, the better. Be sure to incorporate the best of what these mixed prints have to offer in order to create a bold and beautiful en vogue statement.

  • Going wild:

Going wild in WinterThis trend is all about letting the inner party animal out…literally. Fur coats, snakeskin boots, cheetah print blouses, cowboy style denim and whatnot. The Pocahontas character is the fad in the fashion trends of this season and winter fashion 2011 would just be incomplete without these nuances.

  • Leather:

LeatherOne can never go wrong with leather. The winter fashion 2011 highlights leather as the major fashion must-have that has been ravishing the fashion shows from the start. Super short leather shorts, leather leggings, leather jackets, leather shoes; all of these are luxurious as well as practical because they help you stay warm.

  • Coats:

CoatsThe winter season is all about outerwear. A diverse variety of coats are available for the winter fashion 2011. They are military coats, cropped trenches, cropped hooded coats topped with fur, wider poncho style coats or luxury coats. The variety is unlimited. It’s all about choosing the one most suitable to the fashion trends and also t one you like.

Therefore, keeping the above pointers in mind, be set to rock out to an amazing winter. The winter fashion 2011 is all about being what you want to be, so experiment with your look as much as you want to, because that is what the fashion trends of winter fashion 2011 is all about. Happy winters.

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