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5 Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Create With Black Liquid Liner

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Your trusty ole liquid eyeliner is about to get a starring role in your Halloween costume. When tasked with the goal of creating makeup-centric costumes based around black liner, MAC senior artist Regan Rabanal rose to the occasion. Here, he shows how to DIY easy (and cheap!) looks using products you probably already own. While there are ideas for all skill levels — from a detailed masquerade mask to Harry Potter’s simple scar — the common thread is that these ensembles were made for lazy girls. So keep reading to discover the perfect last-minute Halloween costume. Special thanks to Ricky’s NYC and Cult Gaia for supplying the accessories.

Spider Eyes

spider eyes

When drawing a spider web, start in the center of the forehead (in between the eyes) and work your way out. First, draw a plus sign. Work your way up to the hair line by tracing the inner web or an inverted circle, and connecting those curved lines with diagonal ones across your forehead. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be exactly perfect, as most spider webs aren’t when you look at them up close. For a fine-point line, use MAC Cosmetics Brush 209 ($20) with Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner ($21) to ensure that it will stay put. You can finish the look with a drawn-on spider if you’re artsy, and a bold lip, like MAC D for Danger ($17).



MAC senior artist Keri Blair lent a helping hand with this feline look, stating that it’s actually quite simple if you think about the spots in terms of “C” shapes. After you’ve prepped your skin with foundation and a bit of bronzer, use a liquid liner to make a “C” shape or even a cup shape (as in you’re cupping the negative space). Keri noted that the more random the placement, the better. Once you have a solid “C” pattern created, go back in and fill in some of the negative space with black dots. To create the dots, dip the back of your brush into the gel liner pot and stamp it onto your face. Finish with a slightly winged cat eye (obviously!), and outline your pout with a brown lip liner, such as MAC’s Cork ($18). Top it all off with a purrrfect beige gloss.


deerAn ethereal deer look is predicted to be one of the top costumes for 2016. And it’s easy to do! Start by completely filling in the tip of your notes with a white liner pencil (MAC Cosmetics Chromographic in Pure White, $17, was used here). This will also help to map out where to place the black liner when tracing the rest of your deer nose. Now, using your favorite black liquid liner, simply circle each nostril and fill in the philtrum (the groove under your nose). Drag a black line along each side of your nose and add a bit of water to it with a damp sponge. This will add dimension to the nose by creating a shadow. Next, create a cat eye with the liner. You can do a double wing if you’re crafty, but one simple wing is just fine, too. Add a touch of white shadow (or use the eye pencil) to the middle of each eyelid. For the cheeks, apply a pink blush, such as MAC Cosmetics Peony Petal ($23), to the apples. Complete the look by drawing white dots on top of the blush with your white liner pencil. Cat ears not included.



Instead of buying a skull mask, create one out of makeup. Start by lightly patting a MAC White Chromacake ($27) over your face via a damp sponge. You can skip this step if you don’t have the product, but it definitely enhances the skull vibe. Then, “hollow out” your eyes with black liquid liner to create the look of eye sockets. Simply fill in your entire lid, underneath the lash line and all the way up and above your brows with the liner. Draw a “hollow tip” on the edge of your nose with eyeliner. Fill in just the end and most of the nostrils. Use liner again to essentially contour your face, but place it right on top of your cheekbone and exaggerate the line up into your cheek. Finish the look with a black lipstick and a hoodie!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

If you’re really in a crunch for a Halloween costume and don’t feel like you have the makeup skills (or the time to draw on an entire face), simply dig up an old book and some round glasses, and you’ll morph into Harry Potter. Makeup artist Regan suggests drawing your lightning bolt a bit off-center on the forehead with your liquid liner — like Harry’s was — and you’re good to go! Keep your eye makeup neutral, and pull your hair back into a sleek side-part to mimic Harry’s swooped-over style.

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