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3 Date Night Outfit Formulas Everyone Should Try

The key to not having a pre-date freakout comes from purchasing the right pieces from the get-go — so you feel confident enough in your wardrobe to know you can be happy and comfortable in anything. We stock our wardrobes with pieces from Nordstrom — where we know we’re getting quality items from our favorite brands. Picking out an outfit for any date is a headache, but a first date is especially challenging — you only have one chance to make a first impression, so trying your best to make sure that impression is a put-together, polished version of yourself (free from any lingering pizza sauce or wine stains from the night before) is vital. While cleaned and steamed clothes are the least we can do, the hurdle of picking out an outfit still remains, so we’re doing the heavy lifting for you. We love shopping at Nordstrom for any and all of our summertime occasions — but their versatile pieces are perfect for wherever your romantic evening takes you.

1. Puff-sleeved crop top + straight-leg jeans + sandals + structured crossbody

Perfect for a casual night wandering around downtown after grabbing laid-back dinner and drinks, this outfit is one flirty notch up from your go-to outfit for a night with the girls.

These sandals are super comfortable while taking advantage of the season’s top trend: animal print. Let your hair down, throw on some lipstick, and show off your killer taste with this combo.

2. Wrap dress + block-heeled sandals + straw clutch

With a feminine silhouette and trendy accessories, this combo is equal parts summery and romantic. While the dress can be dressed up or down, the heels elevate it, making it a perfect look for a dinner date (or the dreaded first-time-meeting-the-parents situation).

Block heels are easy to walk in for even the most novice of heel-wearers (me), and the straw clutch pulls it together with a fun, summery touch.

3. Paper-bag shorts + bodysuit + sandals

There’s nothing worse than a date falling on a humid, 100-degree night that requires needing to figure out a magic outfit equation that somehow doesn’t involve your go-to jean shorts and tank.

This breezy outfit ensures there won’t be sweat dripping down your back all night, but is still special-occasion appropriate and super flattering. Wear it on any steamy night or ice cream date this summer brings you (two scoops of mint chip for me, please!)

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