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Summer Nails Ideas To Rock In 2021

Summer Nails Ideas To Rock In 2021

Summer 2021 is optimistically going to be completely different than the last summer. Hopefully, the pandemic is slowing down, and people already opened their minds for more fun and carefree moments. And, when we feel things coming back in normality, it is time to spend a little time treating ourselves and getting ready for the summer.

Why don’t you start with some manicures and pedicures? Well-cared and manicured nails can instantly boost your mood. We have to admit that there is nothing as beautiful as well-manicured nails and well-cared hands. Some eye-catching summer nails will definitely take your overall summer look to the next level.

Now when beach days are finally on the horizon, you can definitely start planning your summer nails. Whether it is embracing ultra-bright color, fresh textures, or stylish shapes, summer is a perfect season to shake it up.

Give you the freedom to experiment with different styles to keep it less monotony. To gather more inspiration, scroll down the page to discover the biggest summer nail trends for 2021. We are taking you on a tour to the coolest summer nail ideas to rock in 2021.

You will definitely find the one most appropriate for your taste because there is something for anyone. Just keep scrolling to find the summer nails worth copying this summer.

French manicures

French manicures have been one of the most popular trends among nail art designs since ever. Summer 2021 is not the exception either.

The only difference from the previous ways of styling a French manicure is that you can still opt for the traditional white tip, or you can go for something more modern and change the white with bright shades.

For a more natural look, the best is to choose an oval or almond shape. The most popular version of French manicures summer nails is the one that features outlines with different shades.
For a more dramatic look choose neon shades of orange, green, bold royal purple, pink… This color block trend will add a playful touch in an elegant direction to perfect summer looks.

Pastel polish, from mint green to putter yellow, pink, and periwinkle blue are also very popular. Their brightness reminds people of fresh flowers and ice cream. Paint different shades on each finger, or simply choose your favorite shade and go all out. Choose a nude or white base for more contrast.

Neon nails

Go even bolder by choosing a neon summer nails design. It is definitely a trend that many women embrace when the temperatures start rising up. Bright lime greens, tangerine oranges, hot pink, or neon yellow are the perfect choice if you dare to go bold with the manicure.

Just have in mind that it is very important to choose the color that is right for your skin tone. And, the shape of the nails is important too. Try a shorter round or natural tip, so the colors don’t feel too overwhelming.

Once you consider well these unwritten rules, you can be sure that this vibrant nail trend will perfectly suit you.

Glass nails and abstract art

One of the most popular summer nail trends for 2021 is going to be glass nails with abstract art on them. Since the abstract shapes appeared as a trend almost two years ago, they are one of the most favorite nail designs many women pleasantly try.

The glass, clear tips are really a good choice for summer, because of their crisp look. Decorated with abstract art shapes they look even more creative and eye-catching.

Graphic nails

Do you want to stand out of the crowd this summer? Go for graphic nails. For a proper show off of the artistic side of these nail’s design choose acrylics in the round, almond, stiletto, or square shape. For a more vibrant effect choose contrasting colors. Add some inspiring text or textures to give an original finish touch.

Let your creativity shine by choosing some quotes or messages that are a big trend for the moment. Your favorite summer or life quote could look perfectly written on one finger decorated with contrasting colors base. This is only one possible idea. We leave the others to your imagination.

Glitter nails

You may think that glitter nails are more winter nails are design. You may not be wrong at all. But, when we refer to glitter nails as one of the biggest summer nails trend for 2021, we don’t refer to a whole nail painted in the glittering shade.

We refer to adding a glitter element to a basic base. For example, adding a little glitter topcoat over a nude color nail polish. Gold glitter could be a perfect choice to add a little fun to your otherwise boring nude manicure.

Rainbow nails

Summer is all about brightness, warmness, and freshness. How to incorporate these three in your summer nails outlook? As easy as a pie! Create a cocktail of different pastel shades into rainbow nails that are becoming a very popular nail trend for summer 2021.

These colorful nails will definitely catch all the attention they deserve. Don’t miss trying the trend for the upcoming season.

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