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Whitney Houston’s Daughter has Romance with Adopted Brother

Whitney Houstons Daughter with Adopted Brother

Whitney Houston’s Daughter and Adopted Brother

Recently Whitney Houston’s daughter was caught in a heavy public display of affection with her own adopted brother. The two were caught lip locked.

Whitney Houston’s 19 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina was caught with her secret boyfriend and the both of them were kissing each other. The boy happens to be her adopted brother which is a bit tricky. The boy is 22 year old Nick Gordon and the two of them were having lunch together and by the actions it seems they both are romantically involved.

Whitney adopted Nick about 10 years ago when Nick was having trouble at home. The adoption was unofficial and Nick has been living with the Houston’s ever since he was adopted. Bobbi and Nick have no blood relation but still it seems so wrong and intriguing.

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