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The Top 10 most wacko Jacko Stories Ever

Top 10 Michael Jackson Stories

Lets take a look back over the years at some of the most Off The Wall stories about Wacko Jacko…

His first ever nose job – 1979

Michael Jackson Nose Job

JACKO claimed he only ever had two cosmetic surgery ops but most people reckon it was many more. He went under the knife for rhinoplasty surgery after breaking his nose during a complex dance routine. But many believe he used this as an excuse to get his hooter sorted.

His 13-year-old Grammy Awards sidekick – 1984

Michael Jackson Grammy Awards 1984

JACKO puzzled the world after turning up for the Grammy Awards with 13-year-old Emmanuel Lewis – the then star of US sitcom Webster – on his arm like a ventriloquist’s dummy. The pair met while filming Thriller and visited each other’s homes. Lewis said of their friendship: “Those are secret things. The fun things we do together are just for me and him.”

Michael adopts Bubbles the chimp – 1985

Michael Jackson Bubbles Chimp

BUBBLES was adopted from a Texas research facility and was soon living the high life as Jacko’s best pal, sleeping in his own crib, using the star’s loo and scoffing sweets. He also went on tour with his owner and reportedly accompanied Jacko to lunch with a Japanese mayor. Bubbles became too big and too violent to keep in 2003 and now lives in a Florida animal sanctuary, although bosses have to raise £13k a year to care for him as he wasn’t covered in Jacko’s will.

The photo of him in his oxygen chamber – 1986

Michael Jackson Oxygen Chamber

THE singer made headlines around the world after images of him surfaced in an oxygen chamber, which he believed would help him live to “at least 150.” He reportedly started using it years earlier after getting burned during filming of a soft drink commercial.

The Sechrist 2500B chamber is now owned by a medical centre in the US.

When he patented those Smooth Criminal shoes – 1992

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Shoes

JACKO actually submitted a patent (number 5255452) for those special shoes which allowed him and his dancers to lean forward at gravity-defying 45-degree angles. The shoes had a slotted heel which slid onto bolts which protruded from the stage. They’re yet to go into mass production.

Marrying Lisa Marie Presley – 1994

Michael Jackson Marrying Lisa Marie Presley

TWO families of pop royalty came together as Jacko wed Lisa Marie Presley in 1994 – just 20 days after she had gone through a divorce herself. The relationship only lasted two years but during that time the pair made headlines with an onstage kiss to open the MTV VMAs.

Dangling his baby – 2002

Michael Jackson Dangling His Baby

JACKO caused a storm in Berlin after dangling his son Prince Michael II out of a hotel window of his fifth floor hotel room. He later admitted he had made ‘a mistake.’ He added: “I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.”

His acceptance speech fail – 2002

Michael Jackson Acceptance Speech Fail

REGULARLY cited as one of the most cringeworthy moments in MTV VMA history, Jacko famously gave an impromptu speech for an “Artist of the Millennium.” The problem was Britney Spears had only given him a birthday cake and NOT a gong as he wrongly assumed.

That Martin Bashir documentary – 2003

Martin Bashir and Michael Jackson

BRITISH journalist Martin Bashir spent three months filming and interviewing the star as he went about his life. The show – in which the star admitted sharing his bed with children – was viewed by more than 27m viewers and featured one unforgettable Las Vegas shopping trip where Jacko was believed to have blown $1m on furniture.

Shopping in his pyjamas and a surgical mask – 2009

Michael Jackson Shopping in His Pyjamas Surgical Mask

LOTS of stars wear disguises to nip out in public, but Jacko’s accessories just made more people look at him. During this trip to an LA store, he was followed by an assistant whose job it was to hold an umbrella up for him…indoors

Source: Thesun

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