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Twilight has sapped all the energy out of Kirsten

Twilight has sapped all the energy out of Kirsten

The peachy beauty of the ‘Twilight’, Kristen Stewart seems to get extremely exhausted from her mad schedule.

Since the release of her Twilight Eclipse, the actress has been going to cities to promote her film, and what is worse is that her sweetheart Robert Pattinson is not there with her,

This intensely hectic schedule has sapped all her energy. Besides she even appeared to have collapsed last week, all her peachiness is gone pale and her stylist told her to get a lighter hair color to hide how ill she looked. At one point she looked so gaunt that her eyes were almost pooping out of her head.

Aww, the poor Kristen Stewart, who was not yet prepared for such a huge success even fell asleep at the venue and begged her assistant to get her water.

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