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Tribute to John Forsythe by Collins, Jackson and Locklear

Tribute to John Forsythe by Collins, Jackson and Locklear

 Three of them worked tremendously with the TV icon, in beloved shows Dynasty and Charlie’s Angel.
Now after the death of John Forsythe, who died because of Cancer on the 1st of April 2010, Joan Collins, Kate Jackson and Heather Locklear have paid tribute to him.
 According to Joan Collins, John Forsythe was the gentleman of the acting profession, in a true sense; he was a gifted actor and knew the true meaning of being gracious and kind. Joan Collins played the ex-wife of Forsythe’s Blake Carrington character in Dynasty.
Heather Locklear also appeared with John Forsythe in the Dynasty series and he has the same remarks for John as Collins has. In Locklear’s point of view, John Forsythe will be greatly missed. Heather Locklear further revealed that he enjoyed his nine years with him and he was so glad to have had the chance to reunite with him a few years ago in the Dynasty reunion.
Besides them, Kate Jackson disclosed something very interesting related to John. Kate Jackson played one of his Angels in Charlie’s Angels, revealed that she has fond memories of trying to avoid him on the set. When John came in to (record) his voiceover, Kate left messages for him and he  also left a note saying, ‘Hi Sabrina, its Charlie. You’ll never catch me!
All of the three, Joan Collins, Kate Jackson and Heather Locklear considered John Forsythe as a wonderful person and incredibly awesome.

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