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Selena Gomez Social Networking Accounts hacked!!

Selena Gomez Social Networking Accounts hacked!!

The Disney Princess, Selena Gomez, who has been receiving death threats from crazy fans of Justin for kissing him, had her social networking accounts hacked today.

Some crazy moron known as “Pkinj0r-aka-Prokill” went in and launched attacks on Bieber and his followers from Selena’s account saying ‘Oh yeh, Justin Bieber Sucks!!!!”

The incident took place around 10:30 a.m. EST, as the hacker actually posted a YouTube video that cataloged his use of Selena’s Facebook page.

The video says, “Hi, this video is to show that Selena Gomez’s Facebook has just been hacked by me…Pkinj0re…Some kid sent me a private message on YouTube and said: Hay, I bet you can’t hack Facebook? How much does he want to bet? Is what I replied…Anyways, he said after all the crap we went through…I bet you can’t hack Selena’s Facebook page. So.. Guess what…I went in and done it.”

However, after a half hour, Gomez regained control of her Twitter and wrote: “Obviously, my Facebook has been hacked. My twitter has been fixed and everyone is working on Facbook [sic]. Love you guys!!!!!”


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