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Nicole Richie reveals her love for Handbags

Nicole Richie reveals her love for Handbags

Stylish Diva Nicole Richie has a closet full of Chanel handbags.

The reality TV star turned designer, who is known as the world’s most stylish woman, reveals her love for handbags. She has a huge number of designer bags to match perfectly with her stylish outfits.

When asked how many Chanel handbags she has, Nicole replied: “That’s not a fair question! Okay, 30, but I stole a lot of them from my mom!”

Along with her many expensive bags, the star also admitted she doesn’t like subtle jewelry and prefers a more ostentatious look. “To me, fashion is about fun. I don’t wear dainty jewelry. I like it to be a little over the top.” She said.

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