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Cheryl Cole looking forward to have kids

Cheryl Cole looking forward to have kids

Cheryl Cole, who has officially finalized her divorce with ex husband Ashley last week, is grateful they had not started a family.

I’ve just got to be grateful that I’ve got so many good things going on. I have, and there’re no children you know, some people’s lives fall apart. Of course, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s not anything remotely like it could have been and I’m very, very grateful for that.” She said.

Despite the fact, the 27 year old star is looking forward to have kids, “That’s definitely something I want to achieve. It’s the toughest job in the world – but I know it must be the most rewarding too. I’m ready now. I’m 27. I’m a woman, not a girl any more” she said.

However, it is not yet reveled who’s the lucky man, the ‘Girls Aloud’ beauty wants to have kids with or she is planning to become another Jennifer Aniston.


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