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Selma Blair officially fired from Anger Management

Selma Blair officially fired from Anger Management

Her blood must surely be boiling. For it has emerged Selma Blair has officially been sacked from the cast of Anger Management. Her axing comes amid reports the FX show’s star Charlie Sheen issued an ultimatum that she has to be fired or he would refuse to shoot with her.

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In a statement the show’s makers Lionsgate Television said: ‘We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best.’

And Deadline Hollywood are claiming Sheen wielded the axe himself via a profanity riddled text message in which he labelled her a ‘c***.’ Mr Sheen’s publicist declined to comment on the allegation. Selma, who played Dr. Kate Wales, Charlie’s therapist, colleague and friend with benefits, had appeared in 33 episodes over two seasons opposite the Platoon star.

Selma Blair Fired

But it seems their relationship never took off, and while he is said to have issued the firing ultimatum, she also reportedly complained to show management the comedy wild man was a ‘menace to work with.’ This may have been the straw that broke that camel’s back, as one of the reasons her co-star campaigned for her dismissal is the former Two And A Half Men star is said to have became convinced the single mother had been talking about him behind his back, criticising his work ethic.

Charlie, whose family company Eztevez/Sheen Productions helps make the show, is purportedly trying to entice Mila Kunis to be Selma’s replacement. Going by her downcast demeanour as she went for a walk with her son Arthur on Tuesday, it seems Selma may have had an inkling her head was on the chopping block. During her morning walk paparazzi asked Selma about the reports. She flashed a wry smile at photographers but replied simply: ‘I don’t know anything’.

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Later, the 40-year-old left her son with a nanny while she nipped out to do some shopping. She was seen leaving Juicy Couture with a large bag filled with her purchases dangling on her arm. Selma later on Tuesday took the high road on Twitter and offered a grateful message as she opted to not engage in a public battle with Charlie. ‘I thank you for support and love,’ she tweeted to her more than 45,000 followers.

Source: Dailymail

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